Roster Reveal Spring 2021: PUBG

Press release: March 10th 2021

As we head into the new season of Telialigaen and our first time ever in the top division, we are really excited to finally reveal our roster for the upcoming battles.

Without further ado here is our frag- and chicken-hungry squad for the 2021 spring season:

Tristan «SILERZZ» Van den Houte
Felix «FELIX -J-» Johansson
Chris Leon «CLAYZILLA» Johansen
«Krutz» Østebø

And while we are at it, we are pleased to welcome back no other than our very “own” Santi-Bio «Bio» Bunsophon, who will be our coach this spring. We are thrilled to have you back in our ranks!

The first game of the season already starts today at 19:00 CET, and this will be the first official match for our brand new team. You can watch us fight for chicken dinners over on’s Twitch channel.

By this we say goodbye to two very solid players and friends John Mathis «Niehku» Gaup and Björn «MOLNMAN» Won Hak Jansson. You were a special part in establishing our PUBG commitment. Thank you very much.

– This is the most exciting one so far

Owner and PUBG-player, who remains as the only player from last season, Simon «Krutz» Østebø, are very pleased with his new teammates.

– I am very pleased with what we managed to gather as far as players go. These three new players are all top class players, and have proven themself both here in Norway and internationally. I feel like the weak link myself, but this is still by far the most exciting one so far. We have a huge frag potential, especially with «SILERZZ» who has been top 5 on the kill list in the last two seasons of Telialigaen. Both «FELIX -J-» and «CLAYZILLA» have helped me out a lot so far, and I feel like our synergy is better than ever before.

The action starts already tonight and «Krutz» has high expectations this season.

– We have huge potential, and I can’t wait to show the rest of the league what we got.

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