Roster Reveal Fall 2021: PUBG

Press release: October 22nd 2021

As we look back at a disappointing spring season that ended in relegation, we are ready to step up and gather our strength to fight our way back to the top. 

With that in mind, we are extremely happy to announce Stian «Eiefant» Storrvik as our new team captain. In addition, there is another new face to the team, the prodigy Beng «B3ngwolf» Frey. We are super happy to have them both here, and also bringing «Biothaiful» back from his coach position. 

So, the following 4 will be our PUBG roster this fall:

Stian «Eiefant» Storrvik (c)
Santi-Bio «Biothaiful» Bunsophon
Beng «B3ngwolf» Frey
Simon «Krutz» Østebø


– Experience is key

Owner and PUBG-player, who remains as the only player from last season, Simon «Krutz» Østebø, are very pleased with his new teammates.

– This shows that we are able to pick from the very best. The experience we have now is outstanding, and I am almost certain it will show in the first couple of games. Even though «Eiefant» has been a caster the last few season, I am sure he will take us to the next level. In PUBG, experience is key, and he has plenty!

We also took a quick chat with Stian «Eiefant» Storrvik about his new comrades.

– It is exciting to see a roster that consists of someone with alot of experience, and some with great mechanical strength. My main goal is to help my teammates develop, but I am looking forward to learn a lot from them aswell.  


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