Roster Reveal Fall 2020: Rocket League Academy

Press release: August, 23rd

We are heading straight towards a new season in the esports universe, and what a better way to kick things off by starting to share some stuff that has happened behind closed curtains this summer.

As a fresh Norwegian organization we strive to establish ourselves amongst the very top nationally. Starting off with a powerful commitment in Rocket League, where we are heading into the season with two talented teams.

We are therefore pleased to welcome our new Rocket League Academy team:

Daniel «ISaveForManey» Hansen (captain)
«Hordak» Maskumic
Marcus «Mureox» T.S.

Daniel «ISaveForManey» Hansen leads some of Norway's next generation talents.

Ready for the fall season

One of the main guys himself Daniel «ISaveForManey» Hansen is delighted to finally announce his new home.

– I am delighted to finally announce that I am a part of this serious organization, being the captain for my own team. We are gonna improve together, and strive towards greatness. Our plan is of course to reach a new skill ceiling individually, but also improve as a team and the team spirit.

Being a key part in our Rocket League commitment, board member John «Shady» Hagli is delighted to finally announce the first squad.

– The roster is built with players with huge potential wishing to reach the very top. The team consist of players that know each other really well, which makes the atmosphere good. They know how to give constructive critisism to each other.

Hagli believes the team will become a competitor to the main roster long term.

– As we head towards the kickoff of Telialigaen, we have been practising really hard, both as a team and individually. In a couple of seasons, after continous and focused work both in our official games and in practice, I believe our Academy team will reach really far. The teams inside our organization will get a strong connection forward and our goal is to have two competetive teams eventually.

As mentioned earlier, we have another team yet to be revealed. Stay tuned, as we announce our Rocket League Main team tomorrow.

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