Roster Reveal Fall 2020: League of Legends Main

Press release: August 28th

During the off season we tried out plenty of different compositions with our League of Legends squad.

We nearly qualified for Telia Esports Series this summer, but with this squad we are ready to take it to another level.

Therefore, we are thrilled to finally reveal our fresh new roster for the upcoming season in Telialigaen and Serenity Gaming Fall Split. Please welcome:

Ole-Henrik «Pride» Johannessen – Top
Lawrence «TeaTime» Bailey – Jungle
Marcus «Yozeya» Dahlgren – Mid
Hubert «Kazz» Dabrowski – Bot
Mathias «Arcane» Bjørke (captain) – Support

Jarred «Rose» James Allein – Coach

Our League of Legends season launches on Monday August 31st.

– There is nobody we cannot beat

Our captain, Mathias «Arcane» Bjørke, is excited to finally kick off the season.

– There are other strong teams in the division, but nobody we cannot beat. We went through variations of the roster, and some of the candidates can be seen playing in the first division. However, it’s time to prove that they made the wrong decision by leaving, and I’m looking forward to bringing in Before into a higher division.

The squad begins their journey in Serenity Gaming Fall Split on Monday against SRG Hydra at 19:00, before Telialigaen kicks off on Tuesday against DreamZ Esports at 20:00.

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