Roster Reveal Fall 2020: PUBG

Press release: September 23rd

It has been a long time since last season ended, and with as the qualifier for 1st divsion in Telialigaen already started we are pleased to finally reveal a new chapter in the in Before history.

Our squad is ready for the finals of the qualifier coming up later today. Leaderboards and results can be found here.

This is an exciting one, please welcome our new PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTELGROUNDS roster:

Santi-Bio «Bio» Bunsophon
«MOLNMAN» Won Hak Jansson
John Mathis «Niehku» Gaup
Simon «Krutz» Østebø (c)

Hans Christian «Beasty» Hansen (Reserve) 

This powerhouse is ready for action!

– I have no doubt that we can win

Our fresh in game leader Santi-Bio «Bio» Bunsophan feels comfortable in his role as the in game tactician.

– Even after only playing a couple of games with the team, I always have high expectations for myself to prove myself on the highest possible level. I want to push my team over the edge so that we achieve our common goal. We need to be better to reset after bad games, but this is a team with a high skill ceiling. They are easy to play with and listen to my calls. At last but not least they are really good aimers, and that makes my job as an in game leader really easy.

The man behind building this team, our very own Simon «Krutz» Østebø can’t wait to show what his team got.

– I am very pleased with how this team looks for the upcoming games tonight. Even though there is alot of great teams, I have no doubt that we can win.

You can follow the team already tonight as we participate in the final qualifier for a spot in Telialigaen’s 1st division.

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